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All 7 types of purchases will be assigned to the IP address of the  person’s/organization’s computer which the purchase is made from and will last from 3 days (72 hours) up to 1 year, depending on whether you have ordered a single private view (72 hours) or a yearly license.

Please note that this is for streaming only.

  • 72h

  • £ 4.99
  • 72 hour streaming
    Up to 19 people
  • Buy Now

Under the 72-hour option for streaming for up to 19 people, it is for all of them to be in one room at the same time.
Where group gatherings are not permitted, e.g. due to Covid restrictions,
individual purchases are required for each IP address or screen.
Unfortunatley Zoom is a poor way to show films.
This is because if the film file is large enough to relay good quality video and audio,
it is too big for Zoom to relay it without juddering and distortions,
and there is, at the moment no other consumer resource is available.

Groups may wish to have a post-viewing conversation on Zoom.

For small local groups up to 19 people, those on pensions, benefits and students, please purchase a normal one time streaming. (£4.99)

Please note that this 92 minute film is presented in 3 distinct sections of about 30 minutes each, which may make it more convenient to use as a teaching tool.

For primary and secondary state schools and public libraries showing the film or making it available to be seen by the public repeatedly during the year, we would like you to purchase license 1 per 6 months.

For private education schools, colleges and universities please use License 3.

For educational community organizations to purchase a license to show the film publicly for discussion and education, including both paying and free admission, it will cost as follows:

  • Licence 1

  • £ 44.98
    6 MONTHS
  • Groups between 20-50 people
    Unlimited viewing
  • Licence 2

  • £ 175
  • Groups between 51-250 people
    Unlimited viewing
  • Licence 3

  • £ 225
  • Groups between 251-600 people
    Unlimited viewing
  • Licence 4

  • £ 300
  • Groups between 601-1200 people
    Unlimited views
  • Licence 5

  • £ 450
  • Groups between 1201-1999
    Unlimited views

Licence fees for 1 year.

At the end of 1 year, access to the file will automatically end, but is renewable.

A licence is intended to make it less expensive for groups to share the film. The intention is to have the film played on a flat screen monitor via an HDMI cable or projected on a screen in community halls, churches, schools etc. Because of Covid this is frequently not possible, but at the moment there is no acceptable quality sharing method vis streaming. Unfortunately the only way is for people to watch individually or in a bubble and then to share a post-viewing conversation via SKYPE/ZOOM etc

For Groups greater than 2000 people please contact film@this-good-earth.com